Among the most artistically and commercially successful acts to break through in the 1970s, Heart established an undeniably heavy but versatile sound. With particularly impressive compositions and technical ability, the group assumed its place at the forefront of rock by the end of the decade and set a new bar for “guitar armies” with Roger Fisher, Nancy Wilson, and Howard Leese. Distinguished further by Ann Wilson’s uncompromising range and force, Heart emerged as one of the most musically-sound hard rock bands of the era. At worst, the group only definitively answered the call for an “American Led Zeppelin”.

Roger Fisher, Heart

Heart’s “Sing Child” In Review

Perhaps the most underrated track from a long-overlooked band, one still relegated to novelty status based on the sex of ...


* Selected Media

  • Footage, shot a few rows from the stage, of “Bebe Le Strange”, “Crazy on You”, and “Straight On” from a stadium gig. Likely dating from 1980, this is the only widely available concert footage from that year.
  • The complete 1976 performance taped for The Second Coming (57 min), including “Sing Child“; the film was officially released on the Strange Euphoria box set in 2012
  • The full FM broadcast of Heart’s January 26, 1979 show in Passaic, NJ circulates as the strongest complete recording with Roger Fisher in the lineup.
  • A live cover of Physical Graffiti’s “The Rover” (Illinois, 1976)