Beck, Bogert & Appice

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Beck, Bogert & Appice Live

Beck, Bogert & Appice, the otherĀ “other Jeff Beck Group”, formed in 1972 in the wake of Cactus’ demise and Jeff Beck‘s wayward attempts to accommodate his prowess. From there, the group set about decimating audiences with all the force one could expect from a cross between Vanilla Fudge and the ’68-’69 Jeff Beck Group. Marking […]


Aerosmith’s “Movin’ Out”

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Aerosmith Live in 1973

The first song that Steven Tyler and Joe Perry wrote together (while sitting on a water bed at the band’s Boston apartment), “Movin’ Out” remains a standout cut on Aerosmith‘s debut album (1973). Steeped in blues themes and well-paced instrumental progressions, it also happens to represent a sorely underappreciated facet of the group’s sound. Introduced […]