Led Zeppelin

“Tea for One”

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Presence, Led Zeppelin, "Tea for One"

As miserable and agonizing a recording as has ever been released by a functioning record label, Led Zeppelin‘s “Tea for One” has been actively misunderstood since Presence‘s release in March 1976. The song has found fewer advocates than most due, largely, to the extent to which it succeeds in conveying emotion. Even life-long Led Zeppelin devotee and […]


After Fandango!: ZZ Top’s Tejas and Degüello

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ZZ Top Worldwide Texas Tour

By 1976, ZZ Top had established itself as an American commodity to rival Aerosmith and Lynyrd Skynyrd for quality and sheer likability. Having scored a pair of hit singles in “La Grange” and “Tush” and released three of its most convincing albums in as many years, Texas’ finest rock band rapidly built a reputation on […]


Bad Company’s Live Record

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Bad Company Live

One of the most successful touring acts of the 1970s and perhaps the epitome of the “classic rock” group, Bad Company neglected to provide its fans with a live document during its initial 1973-1982 run with Paul Rodgers. Attributable largely to Peter Grant’s disdain for such records, the absence of an official release recorded during the 1970s plagued […]


Heart’s “Sing Child” In Review

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Roger Fisher, Heart

Perhaps the most underrated track from a long-overlooked band, one still relegated to novelty status based on the sex of its most recognizable members or (less unreasonably) avoided as penalty for its stylistic departures in the 1980s, Dreamboat Annie‘s “Sing Child” stands as one of Heart and lead guitarist Roger Fisher’s finest achievements. Dreamboat Annie would have been […]