The Yardbirds


The seminal British band featured lead guitarists Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page between 1964 and 1968 and, along with The Animals, established blues-based rock as a tenable format for popular music while incorporating an unprecedented breadth of musical influences ranging from Indian ragas to Gregorian chants. The precursor to psychedelia, hard rock, folk rock, and even metal, The Yardbirds endures as more than a backing band for three of music’s most accomplished instrumentalists and arguably constitutes the only legitimate rival of The Beatles as the most influential group of the 1960s.


Yardbirds '68 Live Remastered Double Album,

Yardbirds ’68 Available for Pre-Order (Update)

“We thought this might be lost forever, but we’ve rediscovered it, re-mixed it. It’s of great historical importance. We’re delighted ...
The Yardbirds 1966, Jimmy Page

The Yardbirds’ “Happenings Ten Years Time Ago”

The latter half of 1966 brought a consolidation of commercial and artistic success in Roger the Engineer and “Over Under Sideways ...
Live Yardbirds: Featuring Jimmy Page

The Yardbirds to Re-Release Anderson Theatre Tapes

UPDATE: Yardbirds ’68, which includes the remixed 1968 Live Yardbirds (Anderson Theatre) concert and CBS Studios recordings, is set for a ...
The Yardbirds 1968 Live

The Yardbirds’ Final Acclaim

Embarking upon a final U.S. tour as a four piece in the spring of 1968, The Yardbirds wholly eschewed the ...